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Easy & Reliable Product for Unclogging A/C Drain/Condensate Lines.


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Pipe Clearing Made Easy

Drainado is an adapter engineered to make connections from 3 vacuum hose sizes to 5 PVC pipe sizes. There are 15 configurations packed into this one adapter! These sizes are the most common in our market today. Drainado makes condensate line unclogging convenient and affordable. Unclog sinks, plumbing systems, drainage, and more with our product utilizing suction or pressure. Shop today.

Drain/Condensate Line Unclogging Made Easy

Let's eliminate the hassle out of your tool bag. No need to carry 15-20 different tools when you can have 1.

Drainado unclogs A/C drain lines with this 15-in-1 Vacuum Hose to PVC Pipe Adapter.

It's easy...Hook it up, let go, and turn on the vacuum.

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More Savings & Utility

Our product is designed to save you time and money by unclogging your condensate line and avoiding a service call! No need to use your hands to create a seal between your vacuum hose and PVC pipe. No more reducers, duct tape, or makeshift tools.

Compatible Vacuum Hose Sizes

Please note the vacuum hose sizes that work with Drainado:

  • Drainado connects to these vacuum hose sizes: 1-1/4 inch 1-7/8 inch 2-1/2 inch.
  • Most vacuum hoses with tapered ends can be flipped so the opposite side can fit into Drainado
  • Drainado is made from a high-quality flexible but rigid thermoplastic polyester elastomer that is between rubber and engineering plastics.

Disclaimer: Drainado is NOT designed for permanent attachment in any way using glue, metal clamps, or tie wraps. It simply slides over the vacuum hose end and pvc pipe to secure the connection temporarily while in use.


Compatible PVC Pipe Sizes

Also, please note the outer diameters of each common PVC pipe size with a ruler/tape measure to check what you have, in case their sizes are not visible on the pipe. 

  • 3/4 inch measures 1.05 inches.
  • 1-inch measures 1.315 inches.
  • 1-1/4 inch measures 1.66 inches.
  • 1-1/2 inch measures 1.9 inches.
  • 2-inch measures 2.375 inches.

Please DO NOT use the Drainado with regular household vacuums. Only use wet/dry vacuums.

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